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040 - 29 61 663

MU Hybrid Art House
On show now: Spiraling into Infinity by Children of the Light
EARTHSHRINE - Jasper Griepink
EARTHSHRINE - On show 13 May till 26 June

MU Hybrid Art House at Strijp-S is all about art in the broadest sense of the word. Together with mainly young makers and a broad, international audience, MU defines the liminal space between ‘what art is and what art can be’.

Crossing boundaries

Exhibitions and events at MU can be unpredictable, playful, touching, stimulating and visionary, and invite you to actively relate to the works and world around you. MU preferably initiates, produces and presents new work, surrounded by a stimulating secondary program in which they like to cross boundaries between disciplines.

Thereby, they prioritize the introduction to, elaboration on and hands-on experience of the creation of art. Starting from the near past and present of contemporary visual art, MU focusses on the unpredictable future of tomorrow and beyond and the role that hybrid artists want ánd can play in it. They combine this with Eindhoven's innovative strength in the field of design and technology, together with an open, inclusive drive to experiment. MU is curious for talent, and challenges talents to be curious.


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