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Queer Arcana - Chaos Form

Saturday, 17 June 2023


This activity has ended.

Queer Arcana - Chaos Form is a spin-off version of the Queer Arcana Liveshow. Visit MU Hybrid Art House.

Dungeons and Dragons theatre show

The Drag/Gametheatre group Queer Arcana hosts a mass theatre exercise where they, together with the audience, will create the story of a real Dungeons and Dragons game theatre show, by using Mentimeter. The unknowing drag performers from Queer Arcana will theatrically improvise their way through the story that you and the rest of the participants help to create. Together with Queer Arcana, you will design and maybe play in a Dungeons and Dragons stage performance and experience its potential.

Audience participation

In this high audience participation event, Queer Arcana will collaborate with the participants in a 2-hour long exercise to create a hysterical, chaotic, emotional, immersive fantasy improvisation show.

The show is hosted and played in English. No knowledge of Dungeons and Dragons, writing, or acting needed.

This activity has ended. You can no longer participate in this.

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Date & time

Saturday, 17 June 2023

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