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Het Marechausseemuseum in Buren
Het Marechausseemuseum in Buren
In het museum kom je alles te weten over het ontstaan van de Marechausseemuseum
At the museum you will learn all about the origins of the Marechaussee Museum
Dossier Oss
Find out all about the infamous Oss gang
Marechaussees van Oranje
Exhibition Marechaussees van Oranje, on the dilemmas during World War II
Zij aan zij, vrouwen bij de Marechaussee
Exhibition Side by side, about 40 years of women in operational service in the Royal Military Police
Memento mori, bezinningsruimte
Reflection area Memento Mori, to take a moment to remember the sacrifices made for our freedom by the men and women of the Marechaussee
Sporen van Buren
Traces of Neighbours, treasure hunt in and around the Marechaussee Museum

Discover the past, present and future of the Royal Marechaussee at the Marechausseemuseum. The exhibits include weapons, uniforms and vehicles. Ever seen a drug courier toilet?

The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee is one of the four branches of the Netherlands Armed Forces often working within civil society. The Marechaussee operate as the border police, and also protect VIPs and certain properties. Alongside international and military tasks the Marechaussee assists the police in case of, for example, a terrorist threat or as part of a specialized investigation team. Learn more about the tasks of this special branch of the Netherlands Armed Forces at the Marechausseemuseum.

Historical perspective

Located in a former orphanage, the Marechausseemuseum is where you can delve into the history of the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee from when it was founded in 1814 to its worldwide deployment of today. Come see the weapons, uniforms and vehicles and more.

Learn more about the tasks of the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee at four new exhibitions. Learn about the current tasks of the Marechaussee at the I pledge allegiance (to the King) exhibition where six contemporary members speak about moving from civil society to the armed forces. How has it affected them and their environment? The Side by side exhibition focuses on the 40-year anniversary of women joining the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee and the personal experience of female Marechaussee members working in what is often considered to be a man’s world.

Memento Mori is a remembrance room, where we commemorate the sacrifices that the men and women of the Marechaussee have made and continue to make to maintain peace and security in the Netherlands.


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