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Nieuwe Keizersgracht 570
1018 VG Amsterdam
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+31 20 - 21 42 112

Luther Museum Amsterdam van onderaf
The Luther Museum in Amsterdam
Luther museum van binnen
The museum from inside

The Lutheran Museum Amsterdam is located in the Wittenberg building on the Nieuwe Keizersgracht. The museum shows how a religious community made a new start, with their own set of beliefs and a great deal of care for their fellows.

The poor

The building played an important part in care for the poor, elderly and orphans. The main item of heritage is the building itself with its governors’ chambers, corridor and church hall. The collection of heritage items includes paintings by Breenbergh and Ruysdael, silverware and authentic furniture.

Museum tour

Visitors start at the governors’ chamber, designed in the 18th century by Jacob Otten Husley. The governors managed the diaconate care home from this room. The tour continues at the Administration room, where you hear stories of Maarten Luther and the Word in relation to the paintings and many Bibles in the museum’s collection.

Linen room

Adjacent is the Linen room, which is connected to the Lady governor’s salon. Linen was one of the most precious goods of a house. The room that once housed linen now displays the dinner silverware, exquisite pieces produced in Amsterdam and other Lutheran communities such as Doesburg, Zierikzee and Leiden. The oldest items data back to the 17th century. The information in the Lady governor’s room focuses on the important role played by women in this house and church.

Corridor and Church hall

The corridor exhibits the timeline up to the current Diaconate, caring for the poor, elderly, undocumented and members of the LGBTQIA+ community. The impressive church hall often houses exhibitions, events and concerts.


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