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Kasteel 4
5473 VA Heeswijk-Dinther
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0413 - 29 20 24

Kids proof
Kasteel heeswijk van bovenaf, een groot kasteel omringd met water en tuinen
Heeswijk Castle has almost a millennium of history
Kinderen krijgen uitleg bij poppen met harnassen
Discover the backstory and fascinating facts about the castle

The Castle of Brabant, Heeswijk Castle proudly and prominently stands out from the forests of Brabant. It reflects almost a millennium of the power, pride and culture of the Brabant elite.

The castle is one of the crown jewels of Brabant and has a colorful history. Travel back 1000 years to living life protected from thieves and other undesirables. Various aristocrats from near and far resided at the castle.

A wide range of residents

The castle has had many owners over the centuries. Every family ensured the castle radiated luxury and wealth. This resulted in a beautiful museum with a unique collection of objects and art displayed in luxuriously decorated rooms.


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