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Het Joods Museum in Amsterdam. Foto: Ernst van Deursen
The Jewish Museum in Amsterdam. Picture: Ernst van Deursen
Ontdek hoe het was en ís om Joods te zijn in Nederland. Foto: Ernst van Deursen
Visitors at the Jewish Museum. Picture: Ernst van Deursen
In dit deel van de vaste tentoonstelling kom je alles te weten over de Joodse godsdienst en gebruiken. Foto: Ernst van Deursen
In this part of the permanent exhibition you will learn everything about Jewish religion and customs. Picture: Ernst van Deursen

The Jewish Museum is a modern museum about the culture and history of Judaism in the Netherlands. It is housed in four synagogues on Waterlooplein, the heart of the old Jewish quarter.

Culture and history

With its three permanent exhibitions, the Jewish Museum tells of the culture and history of Judaism in the Netherlands, through paintings, drawings, utensils, photographs, movies and modern 3D presentations.

Jewish Museum junior

The Jewish Museum junior is aimed at introducing the younger generation to Jewish life and traditions through play. The museum is set up as the house of a Jewish family. Every day, children can bake bread in the kosher kitchen, learn Hebrew in the study or make music together in the music room.

Together with the Jewish Museum junior, the Portuguese Synagogue, the Hollandsche Schouwburg theater and the National Holocaust Museum (under construction), the Jewish Museum forms part of the Jewish Cultural Quarter.


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