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Hunebed D27, het grootste hunebed van Nederland.
D27 is the largest dolmen in the Netherlands. Photograph: Hunebedcentrum
Diorama in het museum van een steentijdhuis met haar bewoners, de hunebedbouwers.
Museum diorama of a Stone Age house with its residents, the dolmen builders. Photograph: Hunebedcentrum
Zelf steen duwen als een echte hunebedbouwer.
Move rocks like a dolmen builder! Photo: Hunebedcentrum
De bronstijdboerderij die in het Oertijdpark staat.
The Bronze Age farmhouse in the prehistoric park. Photo: Hunebedcentrum

Visit the largest dolmen in the Netherlands and imagine yourself back in prehistoric times. The Hunebedcentrum brings you closer to your earliest ancestors and lets you stand face-to-face with prehistoric humans.

Travel back to prehistoric times

The Hunebedcentrum on the Hondsrug in Drenthe province will take you back to prehistoric times, when the first farmers settled here. These farmers built impressive funerary monuments, the remains of which can still be seen today in the picturesque landscape of Drenthe province. There are 54 dolmens left in the Netherlands, the largest of which is near the Hunebedcentrum. The museum tells the story of these mysterious megalith tombs and the people who built them.

Prehistoric times

Next to the museum is a prehistoric park where you can take a walk through 150,000 years of Drenthe’s history. Children can hike barefoot on a specially designed path. Opposite the museum is the Knowledge Centre, with its permanent exhibition about the Ice Ages and the Hondsrug Geopark in prehistoric times.


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