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Voorgevel van een wit, strak modern vormgegeven villa, door twee hoge smalle ramen is de trapomgang te zien.
Huis Sonneveld

Sonneveld House Museum, situated on the edge of Museumpark in Rotterdam, is one of the best-preserved homes built in the Dutch Functionalist style. Sonneveld House shows how a prominent Rotterdam family embraced modernism, and how that choice coloured their everyday surroundings.

Van Nelle & Feyenoord

The villa was designed in the 1930s by architecture office Brinkman and Van der Vlugt, renowned for the Van Nelle Factory and Feyenoord Stadium. They also worked on the interior in close collaboration with W.H. Gispen.

Museum House

Sonneveld House, which enjoys national heritage status, was opened to the public in 2001 after undergoing restoration work to recreate the original condition of the house and interior. Sonneveld House has, however, enjoyed a long history and been home to various residents. Above all else, the museum had to reconstruct the house of the Sonnevelds and offer a glimpse of how they lived there at the time. The benchmark for the restoration was therefore the condition of house when it was completed in 1933. Alterations made to the house while it was occupied by the Sonneveld family were also regarded as authentic. All alterations made after the family’s departure have been reversed.


In addition, art and design from the 1930s, in particular glasswork, have been added to enliven the interior of Sonneveld Museum House. Although not among the original contents of the house, these objects could easily have graced the interior, given the preferences of the family, or because they blend harmoniously with the style of the house or the spirit of the times. Examples include the canary yellow breakfast service by H.P. Berlage and Piet Zwart on the dining table, a tea service, and various vases on loan from the National Glass Museum.

Nieuwe Instituut

Book your ticket at the entrance of the house, at the box office in the Nieuwe Instituut, or online in advance. The ticket of Sonneveld House also provides access to the Nieuwe Instituut, Museumpark 25, Rotterdam.


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