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Ingang van Huis Marseille
Huis Marseille in Amsterdam
Binnen in Huis Marseille
Een kijkje in Huis Marseille, Museum voor Fotografie

Huis Marseille is the first photo museum in Amsterdam, in two houses built in 1665 where the rooms are now rooms. The museum shows modern photographic art in a classical setting.

Modern photography in a classical setting

Since September 1999 Huis Marseille has offered a rich and varied exhibition program that changes on average four times a year. The exhibitions are shown in two seventeenth-century canal houses in which many original details are intact, such as sumptuous ceiling paintings, stucco work, marble and a red Louis XIV style room. The museum also has a library, a specialized photo book store and a canal garden.


In two decades Huis Marseille has acquired some 750 works of contemporary photography. Among them are works by many internationally leading photographers, such as Thomas Struth, Thomas Ruff, Andreas Gursky, Andres Serrano, Deana Lawson, Viviane Sassen and Jean-Luc Mylayne. In addition, there is plenty of room in the collection for less established names. Recent acquisitions include photographs by Jamie Hawkesworth and Julie Greve, work that originated at the intersection of fashion and art.


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