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Westeinde 54
7671 CD Vriezenveen
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0546 - 56 34 76

Museum Vriezenveen van buitenaf
Museum Vriezenveen
Een expositie in Museum Vriezenveen
Een expositie in het museum
Flatlock naaimachine gemaakt door Willcox & Gibbs
Flatlock naaimachine gemaakt door Willcox & Gibbs
De firma Ten Cate had een tabakszaak aan de Nevski Prospekt in St. Petersburg.
Ten Cate tabakshandel in St. Petersburg

Marvel at unique objects of the ancient history of Vriezenveen, the textile industry and the commercial pioneering spirit of the Rusluie. The museum displays original documents, objects and a beautiful collection of textile machinery.

Historical Museum Vriezenveen (formerly Museum Oud Vriezenveen, Oudheidkamer Vriezenveen) is housed in Vriezenveen’s old town hall in the town center. The museum is curated by the Vereniging Oud Vriezenveen. The museum covers the history of the municipality of Vriezenveen. It offers an exhibition on the history of the textile industry in Vriezenveen (the Jansen & Tilanus company) and documents about the fire of May 16, 1905, which destroyed 228 houses, the town hall and two churches. See a classic living room, a typical farmer’s kitchen and a historic classroom. The museum is famous for its extensive Russian wing. The Russian wing tells the story of the Rusluie, a group of merchants from Vriezenveen that traded with Russia in the 18th and 19th centuries, and even founded a trading post in Saint Petersburg. This part of the museum brings the history of the Rusluie back to life.


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