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Sint Jansstraat 2
9712 JN Groningen
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050 - 52 56 497

Het gebouw van GRID Grafisch Museum Groningen
GRID Grafisch Museum Groningen
Workshop Werkmantechniek
Doe mee aan een workshop werkmantechniek, drukken met pen en foam, lino snijden of stof bedrukken
Museumkaart ontdekt GRID

Discover the history and future of the graphical arts at GRID. Children and adults alike can try their hand at graphical design, typesetting, printing and bookbinding.

A museum in operation

In the modern world, books, newspapers and posters are created by computers and other new technologies. At GRID, you can discover the history and future of the graphical arts. Everything still works, from the historic presses to the modern risograph, the typesetting machine and the bindery devices.

See and Do

Try your hand at designing, printing and bookbinding in the two workshops and the modern studio. Discover and experience how the Groningen artist Werkman made his unique prints at the Werkmanatelier, where a part of his original printworks is housed.

The temporary exhibitions examine the various aspects of graphical design, graphic art, and their history.


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