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Parkstraat 32
6881 JG Velp
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026 - 36 42 996

De buitenkant van het Gelders Geologisch Museum
The Gelders Geologisch Museum in Velp
Kinderen slijpen stenen
Sharpen your own stones and hold finds

See five-hundred-million-year-old fossil burrows, a dinosaur egg, the remains of a mammoth, and more at the Gelders Geological Museum. The museum also has countless minerals, rocks and other fossils to enthrall visitors.

The Gelders Geological Museum has a large collection of fossils, minerals and rocks. The upper floor houses the fossil exhibition, including fossil burrows that are 500 million years old. The museum also exhibits minerals, classified by chemical composition. The highlights are the crocodile, dinosaur egg and mammoth remains. Visitors see everything up close.


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