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Buitenhof 33
2513 AH Den Haag
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070 - 30 23 435

Binnenkant van de Galerij Prins Willem V.
De Galerij Prins Willem V gelegen aan het Buitenhof in Den Haag
Schilderij van Paulus Potter, 'Het spiegelende koetje', 1648
Schilderij 'Het spiegelende koetje' van Paulus Potter

The Prince William V Gallery is The Hague’s hidden gem. More than 150 paintings by Old Masters from the Mauritshuis collection, including Steen, Rubens and Potter, are on display here.

The Prince William V Gallery is located in The Hague’s historic center on the Buitenhof square, five minutes’ walk from the Mauritshuis. The hall was built in 1774 by Prince William V to display his art collection. To emphasise how wealthy he was, he covered the walls from floor to ceiling with exquisite artworks. Now, the gallery houses 150 paintings by Old Masters from the Mauritshuis collection. The chandeliers and opulent curtains hearken back to the grandeur of bygone days. Immerse yourself in the grandiose world of Prince William V.


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