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Felling 6
8912 CG Leeuwarden
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0511 - 53 94 20

Het Fries Landbouwmuseum in Goutum
The Fries Landbouwmuseum in Goutum
Een historische tractor
A historic tractor
Een vierluik van het Friese landschap
A quadriptych of the Frisian landscape

Frisian farmers have kept cattle and farmed the land since time immemorial. The Fries Landbouwmuseum (Frisian Agricultural Museum) preserves and displays the precious traces left by these eons of agriculture.

Frisian agricultural history

The Fries Landbouwmuseum is located on a farm that has been designated as a national heritage site, just south of Leeuwarden, on the border between the city and the countryside. Explore the lively exhibition on 2000 of history of agriculture, animal husbandry, the dairy industry, agricultural mechanization, as well as farm culture and the position of the farm as the ’cathedral within the landscape’. All this makes the museum unique in the Netherlands.


At the Fries Landbouwmuseum, experience the impact of agriculture on our culture, economy, landscape and countryside, past and present. Friesland and a cooperative and private industry developed hand-in-hand, setting an example for the world. Learn all about how farmers lived and worked in various periods and remember that they work 24/7 to provide our daily meals.


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