Fashion for Good Museum

Fashion Exhibition: What Goes Around Comes Around

27 January 2024 until 5 June 2024


This activity has ended.

What Goes Around Comes Around showcases an inspirational yet playful experience that invites you to discover what circularity is and how you and your community can have a positive impact on the fashion industry. Are you ready to make a change?

Final call to action

Honing in on how circularity plays out in different circles of influence, this exhibition showcases inspirational displays that make tangible what a circular fashion industry will look like. The exhibition pays homage to the extraordinary work of pioneering artists, innovators and designers working to shift the fashion industry with new solutions.
It is the grand finale as the Museum is closing its doors on June 5th, and as such it will be the museum’s final call to collective action the fashion industry so highly needs.

Showcased artists

Atelier Reservé BOTTER Marga Weimans Nicole McLaughlin Patchwork Family Ronald van der Kemp Yuima Nakazato

Participating Innovators

Altmat Biophilica Circ Living Ink MIRUM Renewcell

This activity has ended. You can no longer participate in this.

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27 January 2024 until 5 June 2024

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