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1031 KT Amsterdam
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020 - 58 91 400

Het spectaculaire Eye Filmmuseum is een baken aan de noordzijde van het IJ. Foto Iwan Baan
The Eye Filmmuseum, an eye-catcher on the IJ river. Photograph © Iwan Baan
Bezoekers in het museum
The ground floor of Eye includes Panorama, a permanent presentation with film-making equipment that marks big moments in cinematic history. The mutoscope (1894).

Watch new movies and the most beautiful cinematic classics in the spectacular Eye building on the river IJ. As well as a permanent collection, the museum also hosts four major temporary exhibitions per year. Note: Eye reopened on June 1. The permanent presentation will remain temporarily closed and the scavenger hunt and Eye walk video tour are not available for the time being.

The spectacular Eye building on the river IJ is a real eye-catcher. The Eye Film Museum presents four major temporary exhibitions per year. The ground floor includes Panorama: a permanent exhibition with main exhibits from the movie museum’s collection and various interactive installations. Panorama displays film-making equipment that marks big moments in the history of cinema, including a 35 mm Mitchell camera, a mutoscope and a magic lantern. The equipment showcases the quest of passionate inventors and visionaries to capture moving pictures. The museum answers questions such as how were movies made in the past, what did cinema equipment in the past look like and what technical developments have taken place in the movie industry?

Classics and green screens

Watch the latest movies and the greatest cinematic classics in the cinema, often accompanied by live music, a lecture or a special guest. There’s plenty for children to experience at Eye too, from workshops to scavenger hunts and from a video tour to a green screen.


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