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Paulus Potterstraat 8
1071 CZ Amsterdam
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020 - 30 55 300

Het Diamant Museum in Amsterdam
The Diamant Museum in Amsterdam
The world of money
Skelethoofd volledig afgewerkt met diamanten
Discover the history of the diamond industry in Amsterdam and surroundings

The Diamond Museum Amsterdam takes you back 3 billion years to the formation of the Earth’s surface. Zoom in down to the level of a single carbon atom and marvel at the world’s smallest cut diamond.

Diamond history

Be enchanted by sparkling gemstones and discover 400 years of diamond history in the only diamond museum in Europe. Meet the specialists who can transform a rough stone to a sparkling jewel, learn to distinguish between a real and a fake diamond, and marvel at rare diamonds from all over the world.

Diamonds and jewelry

The Diamond Museum, located in the heart of Amsterdam, a stone’s throw from the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum, is a must for anybody interested in diamonds and jewelry. The exhibition takes you back in time, and shows how diamonds are cut and processed. Learn why people developed a soft spot for the hardest material known to man and how power and wealth influenced the popularity of diamonds. The Diamond Museum Amsterdam also features a lovely historic collection with reproductions of tiaras and crowns.

Permanent collection

In addition, the museum has a unique permanent collection with famous pieces, such as the Katana sword (Japanese) made from Murano glass with 1,967 diamonds and 494 rubies, the smallest diamond ever cut, and the Diamond Ape Skull. This skull is bejeweled with 17,000 brilliant diamonds and is inspired by the diamond-encrusted human skull from Damien Hirst.


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