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Museumpark 11
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Het Chabot Museum gelegen in de binnenstad van Rotterdam
The Chabot Museum located in the center of Rotterdam
Een museumbezoeker in het Chabot Museum bekijkt de tentoonstelling Branding Rotterdam.
One of the exhibition halls in the museum
Overzichtstentoonstelling van de privé-verzameling Armando (1929-2018)
Retrospective exhibition of the Armando private collection (1929-2018)
Zaal in het Chabot Museum voor internationaal expressionisme tijdens tentoonstelling Kunst Stelt Alles Voor met kunstewreken van Henk Chabot en James Ensor.
Exhibition Art Represents Everything

The Chabot Museum for international Expressionism is housed in a modernist architectural gem. Find out more about the life and work of artist Henk Chabot, his contemporaries, and kindred spirits.


An ongoing series of temporary exhibitions highlight the versatility of the Dutch artist Henk Chabot (1894-1949). His extensive repertoire of paintings, drawings, statues and graphic art shares many stylistic similarities with the Dutch expressionists, such as Charley Toorop and Herman Kruyder.


Chabot and Rotterdam are inseparably intertwined. Chabot is known as an unconventional expressionist, a painter of farmers, gardeners, the Dutch landscape along the Rotte river, and of course his most famous work, Brand van Rotterdam (The Fire of Rotterdam).


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