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Het schip van Batavialand
Batavialand, Lelystad
De buitenkant van het museum Batavialand
At Batavialand, you can visit a shipyard, the Batavia and a museum
Een wrak van een schip met twee kinderen ernaast
See shipwrecks like this at the Lost Ships exhibition

How were wooden sailboats built 400 years ago? Jump on board the Batavia, a spectacular ship belonging to the Dutch East India Company (‘VOC’ in Dutch) and delve into the history of Flevoland and experience the stories of the pioneers at Batavialand.

The shipyard

Step into the world of pioneer Willem Vos and see how his dream to build a VOC ship was realized. Watch and learn how a large wooden ship was made 400 years ago. Learn about traditional craftsmanship and try it out for yourself: rope making, nail making, walking on stilts, ring throwing or chiseling. Travel to the 17th century listening to our guides’ wonderful, exciting and funny stories.

The museum

At the museum, pioneer Cornelis Lely will tell you more about the history of the polders. Walk the length of the Flevowand embroidery and learn about the history of life along the Zuiderzee from the Ice Age to the present day. Join Michelle and travel to prehistoric times in “Het land van Michelle” (Michelle’s Land). Watch the film to see what the Flevoland landscape looked like 7,000 years ago. Roll up your sleeves and go sailing on a cog ship or become an engineer in the Water Theater and make your own polder.


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