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Pauwstraat 13A
3512 TG Utrecht
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030 - 23 16 125

Exhibition Matthijs de Bruijne: Compromiso Político at BAK in 2018, photo: Tom Janssen
Exhibition Trainings for the Not-Yet at BAK in 2019, photo: Tom Janssen
BAK's auditorium hosts events such as performances and lectures. Here: performance by Black Quantum Futurism, 2019

BAK, basis voor actuele kunst (basis for contemporary art), is a podium for art, knowledge and activism. The museum poses the most pressing social, ideological and environment-related questions of the day.

Art as public domain

BAK combines public programming and exhibitions with research, education and talent development. The museum works with art, social activism and academic sciences. It brings together artists, theoreticians and other members of vulnerable classes. In doing so, BAK cultivates a public domain for aesthetic political experimentation.


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