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020 - 52 31 822

Het Amsterdam Museum van buitenaf
Amsterdam Museum, Kalverstraat, Amsterdam
Een kind probeert de vaststaande fiets in het Amsterdam Museum uit
Discover the history of Amsterdam

Amsterdam, a global city? Yes it is, but it’s also compact, cozy and headstrong. Discover the unique story of Amsterdam’s history past and present at the Amsterdam Museum.

Known and new

Since the beginning of March, the Amsterdam Museum has been located on the Amstel River in the Hermitage building. The Amsterdam Museum will find its temporary home here during a large-scale renovation of the monumental Burgerweeshuis. It will feature a completely new range of exhibitions, public programmes and children's activities. The Amsterdam Museum will present an entirely new collection presentation, which in addition to the traditional history of Amsterdam, will also provide ample space for opposing views and lesser known and more recent histories of the city.


In addition, residents and enthusiasts of the city will have their say in changing exhibitions to show 'their Amsterdam'. With familiar objects from the collection and new or less familiar works, the annex of the Amsterdam Museum on the Amstel will show you that there is no single history of the city.

Panorama Amsterdam

In the permanent chronological presentation: Panorama Amsterdam, a living history of the city, well-known as well as new and unknown stories about, and perspectives on, Amsterdam's past give an impression of how Amsterdam has shaped and is still developing. Here you will see over 250 objects that give you a multifaceted picture of the many histories of the city of Amsterdam. Classic icons from the city's collection by Lingelbach and Rembrandt sit alongside artists such as Raquel Haver, Natasja Kensmil and Brian Elstak.

There is also room for smaller exhibitions about the stories of the city today. From Welcome to the Northside to Colonial Stories and Collecting the City. Every six months they make room for new storytellers and stories from the city of Amsterdam.


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