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De buitenkant van Airborne Museum 'Hartenstein'
Airborne Museum at Hartenstein, Oosterbeek
De Airborne Experience tentoonstelling
The Airborne Experience exhibition
Bezoekers in de ondergrondse Airborne Experience  van het Airborne Museum
Airborne Experience
Bezoekers kijken en luisteren naar de introductiefilm
introductory film
Bezoeker luistert naar audiotour
Audio tour

At the Airborne Museum, experience the world-famous story of the Battle of Arnhem in all its intensity. The personal stories of British, Polish and German soldiers and civilians are brought to life.

The Airborne Museum is located in the beautifully restored Villa Hartenstein. In September 1944, this villa was the headquarters of the British Airborne Division. Here, you will experience the world famous Battle of Arnhem like never before.

In the new museum exhibitions, Villa Hartenstein is at the heart of the story. It symbolises the massive changes the region has gone through throughout the Second World War. In the 19th century, the idyllic surroundings of Oosterbeek had an enormous pull for rich people from the west of the country who built their summer residence there. Hartenstein is one of those summer residence and illustrates the idyllic life of before the war. During the Battle of Arnhem in September 1944, which was part of the military operation Market (air) Garden (ground), Hartenstein became the headquarters of the British Airborne Division during heavy fighting. The daring attempt to punch through German lines and capture the Ruhr area to quickly end the war was unsuccessful. The bridge at Arnhem turned out to be a bridge too far. Now, Hartenstein is home to personal stories from British, Polish and German soldiers as well as civilians told through the museum’s unique historical objects.

In the Airborne Experience you will experience the fierce fighting and become part of the operation that would last nine days.

Audio tour

Historian and bestselling author Antony Beevor guides you through the history of Villa Hartenstein and the Battle of Arnhem in the audio tour. British military historian Antony Beevor studied at Winchester College and the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. He wrote many books on the Second World War, amongst which the international bestsellers Stalingrad and Berlin. His books received multiple awards and millions of copies were sold around the world. His book Arnhem was published in 2018. He gave several lectures at the Airborne Museum.


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