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Hinthamerstraat 94
5211 MS Den Bosch
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073 - 61 37 383

Gele voorgevel van het Zwanenbroedershuis
The Zwanenbroedershuis in Den Bosch
Een lange gedekte tafel met rode stoelen in het Zwanenbroedershuis
Experience the history of the Brotherhood

Discover the special history of a social and cultural fellowship – a fellowship of which the father of the fatherland himself, Willem van Oranje, was a member. The Zwanenbroedershuis (Swan brothers house) was founded by the Illustrious Brotherhood of Our Blessed Lady in honor of Mary and directed its activities towards caring for the poor. The museum tells the extraordinary story of poor relief and late medieval music.

Discover over 700 years of stories at the Zwanenbroedershuis. This small yet influential brotherhood was mainly active in ’s-Hertogenbosch. The building has its own story to tell. The museum features many ornate Gothic Revival architecture elements.

The Zwanenbroedershuis showcases a large collection of objects connected to the brotherhood’s history.


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