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4331 BK Middelburg
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0118 - 65 30 00

Het Zeeuws Museum
Zeeuws Museum, in the heart of Middelburg
Bezoekers in de Wandtapijtenzaal Zeeuws Museum - foto door Viorella Luciana
Discover a different side to Zeeland

The Zeeuws Museum is located in a medieval abbey in the center of Middelburg. With its contemporary exhibitions, the museum shows an unexpected side to the province of Zeeland. Rise to the challenge of thinking outside of the box and ask questions.

Experience a fun and interesting day out at the Zeeuws Museum. The museum tells the story of Zeeland and its people. At the Zeeuws Museum, you can discover all kinds of things, from exceptional works of art to traditional Zeeland clothing. Admire the art and history of Zeeland, visiting both the museum’s permanent collection and its various temporary exhibitions.


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