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1509 AW Zaandam
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075 - 68 10 000

Groen huisje met een vrouw in de deuropening
The Wevershuis in Zaandam
Een vrouw bij een oude weef machine
Discover the history of weaving at the Weavers' House

Two families lived in the Weaver’s House, where they shared five looms. Experience what that must have been like. Take a seat behind the loom, grab a nap in the closet-bed, and come meet the weavers in their traditional costume.


Discover everything there is to know about the traditional Dutch craft of sailcloth and windmill cloth weaving at the Weaver’s House on the Zaanse Schans. In the eighteenth century, two families lived in the Weaver’s House amid the five looms. The Weaver’s House served as a weaving mill until the start of the twentieth century.


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