Een trui gemaakt van het haar van een hond. De trui bevat rode knopen en is vrij lang.

A sweater made from dog's hair     A sweater made from dog's hair. The jumper contains red buttons and is quite long.     Vrijheidsmuseum


During the war years, materials to make clothes became increasingly scarce. People therefore looked for alternatives. One example is this sweater. The Van Ogtrop family lived in Eemnes. They had a dark-grey Keeshond, who listened to the name "Sten". Whole bunches of hair were left in the brush when the dog was combed. One day, Ms van Ogtrop had the idea of reusing the dog's hair. An acquaintance spun a large number of balls of wool for her, from which she could knit a warm sweater for her daughter Liesbeth.



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