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Groot Heiligland 47
2011 EP Haarlem
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023 - 54 22 427

Verwey Museum Haarlem - the city museum for history and art
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Museum Haarlem is the main museum on Haarlem and Zuid-Kennemerland. Experience Haarlem’s history and trace the connections to its present.

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Experience 1000 years of Haarlem history and ‘meet’ notable citizens of Haarlem in a completely renovated permanent exhibition. Discover how the people living near the Spaarne river took care of each other, fought, mourned, worked, played sports, practiced their faith, loved and celebrated. Meet Haarlem residents past and present, from the common to the world-famous. See the city through their eyes.

The museum hosts a large temporary exhibition twice a year, always with a connection to current affairs. The museum also organizes workshops for children, lectures, guided tours and city walks.


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