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Diependaalsedijk 19b
3601 GH Maarssen
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0346 - 55 44 40

Het Vechtstreekmuseum van vooraf in de zon, omringd door bomen en groen
Het Vechtstreekmuseum gelegen in park Goudestein aan de Vecht in Maarssen
Oud meubilair in het museum
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Discover the culture, history and art of the Vechtstreek region, with its historic buildings and tea houses, at the Vechtstreekmuseum. The museum has a room dedicated to the Huydecoper family.

The historic Vechtstreek

The Vechtstreekmuseum is located in the park Goudestein aan de Vecht in the town of Maarssen, at the former Silverstein manor. Learn all about the historic buildings and tea houses along the Vecht river. The museum’s films offer a good impression of the sights in the Vechtstreek region.


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