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Oranje Nassaustraat 8b
5554 AG Valkenswaard
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040 - 20 45 111

Het gebouw van Valkerij en Sigarenmakerij in Valkenswaard.
Front side of building Valkerij and Sigarenmakerij Museum Valkenswaard
Een rijke historie aan sigaren in het Valkerij en Sigarenmakerij Museum
A rich history of cigars is on display at the Falconry and Cigar-making Museum
De historie van de lokale sigarenmakerij en valkerij is te zien in het Valkerij en Sigarenmakerij Museum in Valkenswaard.
Discover the history of cigar making

Valkenswaard is known for falconry and cigar making. The museum is where you can hear stories about these two special traditional crafts.

Falcons and cigars

The link between falconry and cigar making is the wealthy English falconer Richard Hamond. When he passed away in 1845, he left a legacy of 24,000 Dutch guilders to Jan van Best, who used it to start a cigar factory in 1865.

The Falconry Museum provides a view of falconry from the year 1650 until 1850, a period when kings and high nobility entertained with this “feather play”. The Cigar-makers Museum shows the development of cigar production in Valkenswaard from 1865 until its decline.


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