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Van der Burghweg 1Gebouw 26
2628 CS Delft
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015 - 27 85 200

Science Centre Delft is te vinden aan de mijnbouwstraat 120. Foto TU Delft
The Science Centre Delft
Kinderen kunnen zelf aan de slag in het museum
Children can get to work on their own at the Science Centre’s walk-in workshops

Science Centre Delft is currently closed for relocation. The museum will reopen to visitors in 2024. Science Centre Delft offers a behind-the-scenes look at Delft University of Technology (TU Delft). A world of science and technology. The museum challenges you to get to work at various walk-in workshops.

What happens in the campus faculties? What research are they conducting and how does it affect us in society? The Science Centre Delft reflects research and student projects at TU Delft. At various walk-in workshops, the museum challenges you to get to work too.


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