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Poortlandplein 6
2628 BM Delft
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015 - 27 82 356

Luchtfoto van de Botanische Tuin, 1970
Aerial view of the TU Delft Botanical Garden, 1970
De oranjerie van de Botanische Tuin
The orangery of the Botanical Garden
De technische gewassen die te vinden zijn in de Botanische Tuin
The technical crops that can be found in the gardens

What do plants and technology have to do with each other? Come marvel at TU Delft Hortus Botanicus – a beautiful garden for a stroll, where there’s always something to do or experience.

Plants provide food, medicine, clothing, shelter and raw materials and are essential for humans. In our technical botanic garden, botanical research has been done on plants for more than 100 years. It has brought many wild plants to industrial applications and has been an inspiration for breakthrough innovations. The Hortus Botanicus is still the site of various research projects, but it is also a beautiful garden where you can relax, recharge and always discover new things.


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