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Trompenburg is an oasis of green in the big city
Discover the history of Trompenburg
There is plenty to do for children in Trompenburg
Trompenburg herbergt onder andere een unieke collectie eiken. Herkenbaar aan de iconisch emaille bordjes.
Discover the huge collection of Trompenburg oak
Een deel van de blauwe regen-collectie. Tegelijk bloeiend met rododendrons
Discover the most beautiful colors in the garden
Trompenburg is beautiful in all seasons
Enjoy Trompenburg on sunny terraces

Arboretum Trompenburg consists of beautifully designed botanic gardens boasting a wide variety of trees, shrubs, perennials, bulbs and tubers. It’s a treasure trove for plant lovers and nature lovers alike, an oasis of tranquility away from the hustle and bustle of the city. And this can all be found in the heart of the metropolitan city of Rotterdam.

The Garden of Rotterdam

At 8 hectares in size, Trompenburg is a botanical garden of stature – both literally and figuratively. As part of the Hortus Botanic Guardians, we contribute to the preservation of many kinds of trees and plants as well as the biodiversity of the city of Rotterdam. Trompenburg is home to a unique collection of oak trees, around 700 different kinds of rhododendrons, the national hosta collection and over 100 kinds of holly. It is our task to manage, maintain and of course to showcase these collections to the general public. Enjoy four seasons of green at Trompenburg.

A historic botanic garden

Arboretum Trompenburg was founded in 1850. What once began as a countryside retreat in the Cralingen manor has grown to become a green oasis in the heart of Rotterdam. An agglomeration of gardens with water features, edging, an aviary and a desert greenhouse. The oldest part of the garden was landscaped in English country style and still exudes the atmosphere of that age.


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