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4315 CE Dreischor
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Streek en Landbouw Museum Goemanszorg vanaf de zijkant, gevestigd in een grote boerderij
Streek & Landbouwmuseum Goemanszorg located in the monumental farmhouse Goemanszorg
Een trekpaard en uitleg daarover
Discover farm life from the beginning of the last century to the fifties

At the Museumboerderij Goemanszorg (Goemanszorg Regional and Agricultural Museum), learn all about what life was like as a farmer before the mechanization of agriculture. Here you’ll find a furnished farmhouse, a barn shed with farming tools and equipment, and demonstration days. Fun for young and old alike.

Goemanszorg Regional and Agricultural Museum is located in a historic farm from the 17th century at the edge of a circular village named Dreischor.


The residence is furnished in the style of a 1920s farmhouse, with a living room, closet-bed, an opkamer, as well as an authentic cellar and kitchen. Inside the barn you will find exhibits presenting the four central themes of the museum: the history of the island, flax farming, madder farming and Zeeland horses. Many agricultural tools and implements are stored upstairs in the barn, where you will also find a playroom for children.

Traditional dress in the region of Schouw

This farmhouse museum focuses on the traditional dress and regional dialect of the Schouw area. The farm is surrounded by flower and herb gardens and a fruit tree orchard. Marvel at the different kinds of carriages on display in the carriage house.


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