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Canadaplein 1
1811 KE Alkmaar
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072 - 54 89 789

De buitenkant van Stadsmuseum Alkmaar
The Alkmaar City Museum
Bezoekers kijken naar schilderijen uit het museum
Experience and discover the rich history of the city of Alkmaar!
Mannen hangen een schilderij op in het museum
The permanent collection takes you to the Alkmaar of the Dutch Golden Age

Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar acts as the collective memory for the city of Alkmaar and as the starting point for anyone who would like to experience and discover the history and art of the city.

The museum presents the past in a varied, interactive way, with high-quality collections of historic and early modern paintings and crafts. The “Dutch Golden Age”, “Victory!” and “Portrait of Alkmaar” exhibitions focus on the illustrious history of the city.


The museum includes a surprising presentation of its fine paintings by the Bergen School. This exhibition presents the halcyon days of Expressionism in North Holland within a broader context. The versatility of the Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar attracts a wide national audience.


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