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Kerkplein 6
3441 BG Woerden
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0348 - 43 10 08

Stadsmuseum Woerden van voren
Stadsmuseum Woerden, in het oude raadhuis
Een bezoeker bekijkt schilderkunst aan de muur
Stel je vragen tijdens een rondleiding
Zes kinderen lachen in de camera terwijl ze een speurtocht doen
Doe mee aan een speurtocht

Discover the artistic and cultural history of Woerden and the Groene Hart (Green Heart) region at Stadsmuseum Woerden. Marvel at work by local artists and leading Woerden painter Leo Gestel as well as archaeological finds from the Roman era.


Stadsmuseum Woerden is housed in the former city hall, which also once served as the local courts. The pillory on the museum façade recalls this history. The museum houses continually changing temporary exhibitions, and focuses on the history of Woerden. Examine the archaeological finds from the Roman era and the Middle Ages.


The museum displays art by interesting Woerden artists like Herman van Swanevelt, Leo Gestel and Cornelis Vreedenburgh. A highlight of the museum is the Vroedschapszaal (council chamber), with oaken paneling dated to 1610 and historic furnishings.


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