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Markt 20
3911 LJ Rhenen
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0317 - 61 20 77

De buitenkant van Stadsmuseum Rhenen
Het Stadsmuseum in Rhenen
Museumcafé: ook voor lunch (op reservering) of ontvangst
Museumcafé voor koffie en taart. Ook lunch of ontvangst (op reservering)
Cunera-beeld bij presentatie Rhenen Bedevaartsplaats
Rhenen was een gewilde bedevaartsplaats in de middeleeuwen. In de vitrine een beeld van de H. Cunera.
Vreemde volkeren lieten schatten na in de bodem
Frankische vorsten lieten schatten achter in de bodem van Rhenen
De pont over de  Rijn bij Rhenen
Mensen wachten op de pont over de Rijn bij Rhenen
Weissenbruch schilderde de Kerkstraat te Rhenen
Weissenbruch schilderde de Kerkstraat te Rhenen

Neanderthals. Frankish kings. Saint Cunera. Spanish, French and German soldiers. A Winter King (Frederick V of the Palatinate) in exile, ferrymen and artists, including even Rembrandt. These people are the main actors in the stories of the new Stadsmuseum Rhenen.

Treasure, battle and beauty

Get to know Rhenen as a city of treasure, battle and beauty at the old city hall. A place that has been the crossroads of important historical events and national and international networks. The museum displays key archaeological artifacts found in the area. The findings run the gamut, from bronze spears to golden treasures and jewelry. They also include items that spotlight the turbulent periods of Rhenen’s history, such as during the Eighty Years’ War and the Second World War.

A source of inspiration

Situated between river and hillside, Rhenen’s idyllic scenery has inspired artists for centuries. Marvel at a beautiful collection of scenic paintings and prints of the city and its surroundings. Enjoy a wide variety of presentations, including videos, photographs and a virtual tour through Rhenen.


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