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Stadsmuseum Groenlo
Stadsmuseum Groenlo
Bezoekers in het museum bij de tentoonstelling over de Tachtigjarige oorlog
There was heavy fighting around Groenlo during the Eighty Years' War, and this story can be seen in the museum

In the 17th century people were in awe of the strong city of Grolle, as Groenlo was known then. Stadsmuseum Groenlo focuses on the 80 Years’ War, also called the Dutch Revolt. The sieges and strengthening of the fortifications during that war had a huge effect on this fortified city.

Stadsmuseum Groenlo focuses on the 80 Years’ War. This war had a huge effect on the fortified city of Grol, today’s Groenlo.

The strong city of Grol

Multiple sieges and subsequent strengthening of the fortifications ensured that Grol became one of the strongest fortified cities in the 17th century Netherlands. This is why people were in awe of Grol, as Groenlo was called then.


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