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Meelstraat 6-8
4301 EC Zierikzee
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011 - 14 54 464

Het oude Stadhuismuseum in Zierikzee in kikkerperspectief
Het Stadhuismuseum is gevestigd in het voormalige stadhuis van Zierikzee
Beeld binnenkant gebouw. Het gebouw en de collectie tonen de rijkdom van deze oude havenstad
Bijzondere kap, grote zaal(zolder) Stadhuismuseum Zierikzee

In the former ‘beating heart’ of the old town, the Stadhuismuseum Zierikzee tells the story of the old port city and the development of the island with maps, archaeological finds and curiosities.

Discover the backstories of the wonderful collection. The museum aims to inform but also surprise visitors.


Culture lovers will be delighted with the period rooms. The large exhibition hall focuses on social and regional history. The main exhibits of the Stadhuismuseum and the Maritime Museum have been joined in a single museum. Come see the Greenland kayak, the oldest one in the world. The exhibition is in essence a vast time capsule full of wonderful items dating from 1000 years of history. In it, three themes come together: city, water and land.


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