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Achter de Kerk 2Ingang onder de tore
2801 JW Gouda
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0182 - 51 26 84

Sint-Jan Kerk met op de voorgrond de Markt
Sint-Jan is the longest church in the Netherlands
Het koor van de Sint-Jan in Gouda met de gebrandschilderde ramen
The choir of St John's

When the sun shines through the 72 world-famous stained glass windows, it becomes immediately clear what makes Sint Jan in Gouda so special. No other church in the world has so many well-preserved 16th-century stained-glass windows.

The longest church in the Netherlands

The great fire of 1552 destroyed a large part of the medieval Sint Jan church. Shortly after the fire, officials commissioned the construction of Holland’s most spectacular church. The “Gouda Windows” (Goudse Glazen) are a highlight of European stained-glass art. Come and marvel at the beautiful colors and the lively play of light.


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