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Lasondersingel 129-131
7514 BP Enschede
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053 - 43 58 675

Rijksmuseum Twenthe in de zon
Rijksmuseum Twenthe
Portretschilderijen in het Rijksmuseum Twenthe
The museum of the imagination

Rijksmuseum Twenthe holds a wide range of temporary exhibitions of contemporary, modern and classic art. Enjoy works of art by Breitner, Breughel the Elder and the Younger, Ruisdael and many other Old Masters, spread out over 36 rooms.

Jan Bernard van Heek

Rijksmuseum Twenthe is the art museum with the richest and most beautiful art collection in the East Netherlands region. The textile baron Jan Bernard van Heek founded the museum, which opened in 1930 on the Lasondersingel, Enschede.


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