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1398 AA Muiden
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0294 - 25 62 62

Kids proof
Het Muiderslot van vooraf met daarvoor de groene kasteeltuinen
Muider Castle is surrounded by a moat and castle gardens
Kinderen verkleed als ridders met nep zwaarden lopen door de kasteelpoort
Discover how the enemy was thwarted
Een rondleiding door het Muiderslot
Travel back in time to experience castle life

Muiderslot is the best-preserved medieval castle in the Netherlands, with a drawbridge, five towers, battlements and arrowslits. Delve into the history of the castle. With or without an audio tour.

More than just a castle

Enjoy the castle, castle gardens and beautiful surroundings of Muiderslot. Aside from the various free audio tours through the castle and gardens, Muiderslot offers weekly events and workshops for young and old alike. Discover the art collection, the greenery and participate in activities such as yoga, dinner with a backstory or camping at the castle. Check the Muiderslot website for current activities.

Renowned and lesser-known stories

Learn more about the two most famous inhabitants of the Muiderslot. Count Floris V built the castle in the Middle Ages. Poet and writer P.C. Hooft lived in the Muiderslot in the 17th century. The stories of these men are fascinating. Would you rather learn about women in the castle, about Muiderslot’s role as a water castle, or about the castle gardens? Muiderslot offers several themed guided tours.

The Knights’ Route

Children can enjoy the Knights’ Route, starting with a climb up the West Tower. A total of 83 steps leads to the Tower.


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