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Kaasmarkt 20
1441 BG Purmerend
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0299 - 47 27 18

Purmerends museum van vooraf
Het Purmerends Museum op de Kaasmarkt in Purmerend
Een schilderij van een kasteel
Van vissersdorp tot marktstad

The Purmerends Museum exhibits a large collection of Art Nouveau pottery. The museum also covers the history of Purmerend, which was first mentioned in writing in 1340.

The museum pays special attention to the early work of architects J.J.P. Oud and Mart Stam, both born in Purmerend. In the same gallery, the Purmerend period of graphic designer Jacob Jongert is also addressed. Jongert is known in part for the minimalist house style he developed for the Van Nelle company. Van Nelle was a well-known brand in the Netherlands. They produced coffee, tea, tobacco and chewing gum from 1782 to the second half of the 20th century.

From fishing village to merchant town

The museum also focuses on Purmerend itself, a town that grew from fishing village to merchant town. The museum shows you how this took place.


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