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Burgemeester Ritmeesterweg 10
1784 NV Den Helder
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De Nollen in Den Helder
Steel structure on De Nollen in Den Helder
De Nollen in Den Helder
The artworks were created by R.W. van de Wint

De Nollen is a work of art in its totality. The steel structures, bunkers, paintings, landscapes, horses and ponies, taken together, form a cohesive whole. But this singular whole is not a static object. Instead, it’s a work of art in the making, just like a painting in an atelier.

R.W. van de Wint

The creation of this work of art coincided with the life of its creator. R.W. van de Wint lived in De Nollen. He knew every nook and cranny of the area and went to work every day on the landscaping and the artworks. De Nollen was his life. As far as Van de Wint was concerned, mowing the paths, pruning the trees or repairing the fence were just as important as crafting a sculpture or a painting – it’s all part of the Nollen Project and therefore part of his artistry. He believed that his identity as an artist didn’t stop after completing a sculpture or a painting, but that being an artist is a way of living and a philosophy. Such an approach highlights what was important to him.


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