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Driehuizerkerkweg 34d
1985 EL Driehuis
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0255 - 53 67 26

Buitenkant van het Pieter Vermeulen Museum, foto's van bezoekers zijn op de buitenmuur geplakt
Het Pieter Vermeulen Museum is het centrum voor natuur- en milieueducatie
Kleine bezoeker heeft opgezette vogel in haar handen
Beleef de natuur

The Pieter Vermeulen Museum is a child-friendly museum of natural history. Examine mounted specimens up close or participate in one of the fun activities.

The museum displays a selection of items from the collections of Pieter Vermeulen and other collectors. Because the museum can only display a limited selection of the collections, the selections on display change frequently, so every visit is special.

The Pieter Vermeulen Museum is for anyone interested in culture, nature, the environment, sustainability and climate change. Discover the beauty nature has to offer through the large collection of stuffed birds or the selection of seashells. Or participate in one of the museum’s fun activities.


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