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Menno van Coehoornweg 9
9251 LV Burgum
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0511 - 46 55 44

Observeum Museum & Sterrenwacht Burgum
Observeum Museum & Sterrenwacht Burgum
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Discover the history of the universe as well as local history at Observeum Museum & Sterrenwacht (museum and observatory Observeum). The museum pays homage to local notables such as Hendrik Bulthuis, the inventor of the ‘Bergumermeer’ sailing boat, and also hosts stargazing events.

The Observeum offers a variety of fun attractions for young and old alike. It’s an observatory, museum and planetarium all in one. A visit to the Observeum is a fun and exciting day out for the whole family. The museum hosts four permanent exhibitions and one temporary exhibition. Also on show are documentaries about the universe.


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