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Markt 31
4731 HM Oudenbosch
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0165 - 31 34 48

Het Nederlands Zouavenmuseum in het voormalige gemeentehuis van Oudenbosch
Het Nederlands Zouavenmuseum in het voormalige gemeentehuis van Oudenbosch
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The only museum in the world dedicated to the Papal Zouaves! The Dutch Zouave Museum tells the story of the volunteers that defended the independence of the Papal States in the face of the unification of Italy.

Learn about the Zouaves and their military exploits. This fascinating museum displays unique objects and writings that were important to the Zouaves.

Who were the Zouaves?

The Zouaves were volunteers that defended the Papal States against the Italian nationalists in the period between 1861 and 1870. They were particularly known for their baggy uniform trousers. The word zouave originated in Algeria, where the French army incorporated Zwawa Berber tribes. In French, the name of the tribe became corrupted into “zouave”.


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