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Nederlands Steendrukmuseum in Valkenswaard
Nederlands Steendrukmuseum in Valkenswaard
Ontdek in het museum alles over de geschiedenis van het steendrukken
Discover everything about the history of stoneprinting

In 1798, Alois Senefelder invented planographic printing. Find out about the implications of this invention at the Dutch museum of Lithography. The museum studio offers workshops and printing demonstrations.


By inventing the lithography printing technique, Alois Senefelder made it possible to print large quantities of images quickly and cheaply. Since 1837, it has also been possible to print colors using this technique. Senefelder’s discovery is still in use today. Modern offset printing, and even the microchip, would never have been possible without this technique!

International art posters

The Dutch Museum of Lithography in Valkenswaard doesn’t just showcase all types of lithographs, it also elaborates on the techniques that made them possible. The collection includes international art posters created by famous artists like Alphonse Mucha, Pablo Picasso, Francis Bacon, Kees van Dongen, and Jan Sluyters. We would love to see you in our museum and studio where you can learn about all historic, artistic and technical aspects of lithography.


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