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Mon - Sat 10:00 - 17:00
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Hoeferlaan 4
6816 SG Arnhem
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026 - 35 76 111

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Het Nederlands Openluchtmuseum van bovenaf
Discover 100 museum homes, farmhouses and windmills
Molens en museale gebouwen
Relive the past

The Netherlands Open Air Museum in Arnhem makes for a great day out immersed in cultural history. The museum artisans and original buildings give visitors a peek into Dutch life, work and traditions.

Travel through time from more than two centuries ago to the present day. The museum people seem to have stepped right out of the past. Proud of their heritage, they inspire visitors with their stories.

Let’s get to work!

Will your kids give the Children’s Yard a go? Or maybe they’d prefer to play at the Zaanse Plein town square. Typical Dutch poffertjes with powdered sugar or a krentenbol (currant bun) fresh from the bakery? Don’t miss a ride on the historic tram!


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