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Schoenmakersperk 2
8911 EM Leeuwarden
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058 - 23 32 244

Kids proof
Een jongen bekijkt van dichtbij een opgezette tijger
Stand face to face with a tiger
Skelet van een potvis
The skeleton of a sperm whale
Het reiskabinet van de Friese kapitein Severein met verzamelde schatten
Captain Severein’s traveling cabinet
De Voogdenkamer
The Guardians’ Chamber at the museum
Darwins zolder waar de evolutietheorie aan de hand van voorwerpen wordt uitgelegd
Darwin’s attic

Go to the Frisian Museum of Natural History, for an adventure into nature. Four floors of information, rare animals and plants, projects and experiments. All waiting to be discovered!


It’s all about trying things out and experiencing them for yourself. Check out the treasures Captain Severein collected on his travels around the world, feel like Tom Thumb next to the enormous jaws of the blue whale and watch a taxidermist stuff a long-eared owl or kestrel in the Open Atelier. Wander through the various themes of Verwonderland, such as albinos, droppings and dung, and the records of the animal world.

Dragon and Darwin

For the youngest children, a visit to Dragon Li Ming is an unforgettable experience, while older children can learn all about the theory of evolution in Darwin’s Attic.


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