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Spoorlaan 434
5038 CH Tilburg
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013 - 53 53 935

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Het Natuurmuseum Brabant in Tilburg
Brabant Natural History Museum, Tilburg
In het museum is een potvis van 15 meter lang en 1000 kilo zwaar te bewonderen
The museum includes a 15-meter long sperm whale that weighs over a ton.
Een deel van de collectie in het museum
Some museum collection pieces

At the Brabant Natural History Museum, you can explore nature, admire flora, fauna, wildlife, stones and fossils, or investigate an artifact. There’s no time to get bored!

Explore Nature

The Brabant Natural History Museum is fun for everybody, whether you’re 3 or 83. Explore nature or investigate an artifact. Go on a mammoth hunt and encounter Neanderthals in the IJstijd exhibition! Or become a nature researcher in the ‘OO-zone’ discovery and research area. Experience the seasons in ‘BOS’, or learn that birds are actually, all small dinosaurs in Vreemde Vogels (‘Bizarre Birds’). For the kids, there’s an entire hall on ‘Frog’, a hero in Dutch children’s literature.


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